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Ok. I have been lurking around in this community for quite awhile now, trying to get up the courage to post. 


I was wondering what you all think of people who are Ana but are ACTUALLY fat-not just by our standards.  I am going to be straight up here because if I don’t do it now I never will.  I have Ana and some mia tendencies but I am seriously overweight. When I was younger I turned to food which was not hard considering that my mom made large amounts of fattening food for the two of us and I was never taught what good food was. i quickly went from skinny to fat.  I gained like crazy until my junior year. That was the year that I broke my foot two times in a row and developed Ana. Before I broke my foot I was an exercise and sports lover. I was working out or playing/watching sports constantly and even though I did that I never lost more than a couple pounds. After my surgery I gained weight again from not being able to exercise. I started limiting what I ate and when I was told i could walk I was eating only dinner to please the fam if even that. When I could start working out lightly I had been restricting and doing some short fasts and I started working out hard for hours like I did before (which hurt!). In the 1-2 month period of this I lost about 30lbs. I then broke my foot again and kept restricting till my counselor told me I had to eat more or she would be calling home (again).  I then went into a sort of recovery where I yet again gained weight which is where I am now. EDIT: i added this cause it is a better description. ok maybe I should tell you a little bit about my eds and stuff. I started with ana right about when 2004 started cause I was discusted with all the weight I had gained from having been broken (when i finished with therapy and everything it was a year and a half long process and on the same spot in the same foot TWICE!! not good when you love to exercise like me!!)and I was in a time when I was inbetween foot injuries and I wanted to lose it all. I restricted a little and stopped sugar and pop consumption and I worked out so that I was working off every calorie I had had that day if not more. Then I broke my foot the second time and seeing as how I couldn't exercise I began not eating less junk (i found some i thought was good but wasnt) and not drinking anything except water (unless fasting--then I drink powerade-less cals- or gatorade-more cals but effective if powerade is unavailable) then I started restricting heavily (I would eat one SMALL meal a day just to please the family--they thought I was buying food for breakfast and lunch when I wasn't--lol). Then I got caught--sort of. I had eaten lunch at school and I felt so outta control and gross I went into the bathroom and started to purge but someone walked in so I acted like I just finished going to the bathroom. It scared me then cause I was still sort of new to it all and when I went in to see my counselor at school for our talk I just spilled. Well we had like an almost 3 class period long talk and then she implemented a food diary check every time i saw her (once a week) so for a month she monitored everything i ate and i had to eat more than i liked to please her or she'd call home. My stats are now:

Height: 5’11”

HW: 270

LW:? Don’t know

CW: 265ish

GW6: 130

GW7: 120 maybe lower


I am now trying to get back to good restriction, fasting, and long workouts and I am having some success.  Anyway I was wondering if I was still welcome to be in this community and if I would recieve support and everything considering my stats and all.  If not I would like to know--nicely please--so I can find another place if needed. Sorry for the long post.  Thanks for your time!

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my goodness dear, of course you are welcome in this community!
this community is for support.
and everyone here is wicked nice :D
stay strong darling, you will make it through.

and welcome!! ♥
thank you i was quite worried about it because everywhere i go (ed oriented or not) i get crap about it.
I have really liked this community and everybody in it that is why i decided to finally post.
Thanks I will stay strong, you too ok?
Far as I'm conserned all are welcome. <3
Thank you!

I can't tell you how happy your post has made me... I was beginning to think I was the only 'not underweight' person in this community.

I look forward to reading your posts :)
yay! im glad im not the only one either!
Thank you!!


8 years ago

Welcome of course! It's nice to have you...and I agree with the above post: I think everyone in this community is EXTREMELY supportive and really nice. Good luck to you - and keep us up with your progress!

<3 Georgia
welcome lovelie!!! not all eating disordered people have to be underweight. i hate it when people think that. thanks so much for the post. i'm glad to have to be part of the community and if you ever need to talk or anything and u have aim, my sn is ellenator333. good luck lovely.

<3 elle
aww Thank you!!!!
i agree--many people believe that you gotta be under 100 lbs to have an ed and its really dumb but oh well! thats more time to get closer to goals!!
i dont have aim--i have yahoo and msn---is there a way to get free aim? it seems like everybody here has aim and i dont!! lol
if you wanna talk or anything till i find out if i can get aim you can email me if you or


12 years ago

welcome, the people in this community are very encouraging and supportive. It sounds like you have Ednos (eating disorder not otherwise specified) w/some anorexic and bulimic tendencies. That is kind of the "catch all" ED that covers all forms of disordered eating. Anyways, welcome.
Thank you! hmm that may be--ill have to look up some info on Ednos and see but from what i know of EDNOS it does kinda sound like i have it. hmm.....
Thank you!
I would just like to say that i dont have an ed but i know people who do so dont tell me i dont know what im talking about because i do. loads of people tell me how slim i am and that i look good but i weigh way more than most if not all of these people who i have heard about. i dont work in lbs but i weigh between 8 and 9 stone. im 5ft8. people ask me how i stay thin and to be honest i just try to eat healthy. you dont need to be thin to be beautiful. it makes you look bad!! you are very likely to harm yourself if you all carry on doing this and the fact that you all encourage each other is really bad and to be honest i feel slightly sick to think about how you help to hurt each other. this isnt support, this is the total opposite.
what im saying is think about what your doing. its not good.
we do what we need to do and it is support because we all have the same goals. its exactly like if you went to like ... oh like weight watchers or something--they share recipies and tips and weigh-ins and all that kind of stuff and you know what? we do the EXACT SAME THING. some people think we are extreme but we do what we have/need to do to accomplish our goals, our perfection.
i dont know how the whole stone stuff works but if your happy than stay where you are. we arent happy with how we look so we work to make ourselves look better so we can like how we look. we do not force people to do anything in fact if you look around youll see lots of times where we ask people to take a moment and contemplate if they really have the mindset for this already because we dont want them to come here and "get" (sorry i cant think of a better word) an ed or anything like that.
you say being thin doesnt look good? well how does fat look? how do you like it when a person sits next you you in a seat at the movies and their fat just flows over the seat and they squish you? how does fat look?? HORRID!!!! being fat is one of the most discusting things i can think of!! i will do all i can to lose the fat i dont want and to keep from getting any. i would rather be thin and empty than full and fat and i know that many others on here would agree with me.
ok two questions for you
1. if thin doesnt look good than why is tv and movies plastered with thin people?
2. if you are so against us then why are you on any of our sites?

anyway i gotta go cause i am late for class if i think of anything else ill add it later


12 years ago


12 years ago

My boyfriend thinks that i have a ED and i know i dont. Does anyone else have the same problem, He is really supportive, but i dont know how he would react if i told him i had been doing this for atleast 3yrs.
I am also new to this sight so i am just saying a big high to everyone.
Do you think i have an eating problem, i make myself sick when i wake up and every 25-30 mins a day. i dont eat at all but i do drink dr peppers x2 a day. and thats all.
What dop you think
ummm well im no expert but to me it does seem like you do have an ed(s)--you make yourself purge many times a day which is a characteristic of bulimia and you dont eat much which is a characteristic anorexia BUUTTTT it could be also be ednos. I dont know much of you or your situation or what you do so i really cant say but i suggest going to (its ed_ucate really awesome!!--sorry but for some reason i cant put the link in stupid school computers!!) and that site has everything you need to help you determine if you might have an eating disorder. Be careful and let us know how it goes ok?

Re: Hi


10 years ago

hi, im 14 and id lyk to say u made me happy by sayin dat about the "not the only one who isnt underweigh" comment.ur not da only one who is actually fat i weigh 146 pounds and am sickened by it, i just purged for the first time, like, ever and im also sickened by that, it was vile, but it helped, i felt better afterwards pls reply, i need a frend x
wow your 14!
how tall are you? you just purged? be careful it is a horrid cycle--dont get into it cause from what ive read and been told by mias it takes control and eventually you cant eat anything without it coming right back up. also it ruins you teeth, mouth, hands (if you use them), throat, etc. anyway enough preachin from me. be careful and ttyl
146 lbs
fucking hell :S
u think ur fat HOLY SHIT
u people r fucking retarded
no offense
its all your own fault u got this way, uve now totally mucked up ur entire lives
my best friend is anorexic
earlier she was told she only had 3 months to live if she carried on with what she was doing
i am completely mad at her and even if she does live she cant have kids, just like most of you guys probably cant
my bf said something to me, he said i love you, without wax
and he means that ages ago, they use to make wax models and whenever they made a mistake they wld cover the mistake with wax, and well basically what hes saying is, he loves me without any mistakes and that is the sweetest thing he has ever said, i do hope that you all get better as it would be a terrible shame for you to die over something so dumb
much lurve to the musaak ♥
hey lay off!!! we may not think like everybody else but we have the right to be ourselves and express ourselves as long as we dont force or pressure anybody else. your dumb if you think being mad at your friend is gonna help. omg people are so stupid
you know what good for you but if a person has an ed then THEY JUST ARENT HAPPY WITH THEIR BODY!!!!!!!!! you need to learn about eds before you go spouting off crap and we know the risks thats why we try to do the best we can to do all this with the smallest possible amount of risks. go to that ed_ucate link i put in the last post and educate yourself please!
also does it make you feel better to put others down or to rant your feelings all over others who did nothing to make you upset? why are you on these websites about eds when you despise them so? also all that swearing makes YOU look seriously dumb--just thought id be honest ;)


11 years ago

yeah im 14! lol. im 15 soon though, well in four months and 10 days =] i dont know exactly how tall i am but my dad reackons about 5"4 /5"5 but i dno.
and niknaks, u shunt be mad at ur m8!grr!
what does ttyl mean? i no its a stupid question, but i dont know...
lol dont worry i didnt know what it meant before either! ttyl means talk to you later
Wow your young! oh well i guess there are ppl who start at like 12 and i heard of one who started when she was like 8-9.
i completely agree that niknaks you shouldnt be mad at her!


12 years ago

hey, i know this is a random comment but how beautiful does she look in my picture, she is so thin and so amazing, she looks realy healthy, jst sum thinspiration 4 all of ya! luv ya, Stay Strong! xx
omg, i love you! lol
i always worry with this kinda of stuff 'cause i'm not underweight either. i don't know if i'm realy ana or ed-nos because of that. i'm 5'11" and weight 180. i have major issues with food. so.. at least ed-nos. :]
stay strong dear. <3333 i'm adding you, ok? x]
lol well thank you! lol
I know what you mean--im always afraid to say anything cause im the fat one around here and i do NOT want to be labeled as a poser or anawannabe or whatever. I also dont want to offend anyone by what i say cause of the fact im so fat--if that makes any sense.
Wow it is nice to have someone else who is my height! 180 ugg thats my gw for may (thats pathetic huh?).
Probably ed-nos but look at the info in that website i posted earlier (for ed_ucate) and see--it will really help you.
Stay strong yourself and I added you back!!
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